Close to 75% of the population in the United States is considered either overweight or obese. Obesity raises your risk of developing health problems. Call or make an appointment online with the doctors at Kidney Diseases, Hypertension, & Primary Care of Virginia, LLC in Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia, for help with keeping a healthy weight to ward off obesity.

Obesity Q & A

What is obesity?

The difference between being overweight and obese is that if you’re overweight, you have too much weight on your body than is considered healthy for your height. Obesity, on the other hand, is defined as having too much body fat.

What causes obesity?

Obesity results from eating and drinking more calories than you use while completing daily activities and exercise. While there are genetic, behavioral, and hormonal influences on your body weight, other contributing factors include:

      • Eating habits and access to healthy food
      • Level of physical activity and access to safe places to exercise
      • Overuse of TVs, computers, phones, and other screens
      • Sleep habits
      • Medical conditions and medications

How is obesity diagnosed?

To determine whether you’re overweight or have obesity, the doctors at Kidney Diseases, Hypertension, & Primary Care review your medical history and perform a physical exam. During this physical exam, they calculate your body mass index (BMI) by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared.

Besides using your BMI, the doctors at Kidney Diseases, Hypertension, & Primary Care measure your waist circumference and check for other health problems through heart tests, along with tests for:

      • Cholesterol
      • Liver function
      • Diabetes
      • Thyroid function

How is obesity treated?

The goal of obesity treatment is for you to reach and stay at a healthy weight through changes in your eating habits and increased physical activity.

There is no “best” weight-loss program to achieve your goals. Your treatment plan depends on your level of obesity, overall health, and willingness to participate in your treatment.

While slow and steady weight loss over an extended period is considered the best way to lose weight and keep it off permanently, it’s essential to choose a method that you feel will work well for you.

What health problems result from obesity?

Obesity increases your risk of getting numerous severe health complications, including:

      • High cholesterol and blood pressure
      • Type 2 diabetes
      • Heart disease
      • Stroke
      • Cancer
      • Sleep apnea
      • Fatty liver disease

Other weight-related issues can affect your quality of life, including:

      • Depression
      • Sexual issues
      • Guilt and shame

For help with weight loss and weight maintenance, call or make an appointment online today with the doctors at Kidney Diseases, Hypertension, & Primary Care in Arlington, Virginia.

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